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Really, the new DVD is now available! - November 26, 2012

After some false starts, the newest DVD "I Got It!" became available on CD Baby today. Be the first one to get the live concert video. Remember, it's 20% off this week if you purchase two or more copies. Here's the link:

New DVD dropping November 24! - November 11, 2012

Junko's long-awaited live concert video is almost here! It was a live concert video that was filmed in July of this year. You definitely will want to get a copy of this DVD for the Holidays, so please check back in a couple of weeks!

DVD project fully funded! - July 22, 2012

Thanks to some very generous folks, Junko's upcoming DVD project is now fully funded! Therefore, we will not be taking in any donations through You are invited to the live concert video shoot on Friday, July 27 at 6pm at Calvary Chapel Pacific Coast in Westminster ( It's FREE!

Help fund Junko's new DVD project through Kickstarter! - July 16, 2012

We are getting ready to embark on a new project -- live concert filming for Junko's new DVD!

This time, we are doing something fun and attempting to raise funds to make this a reality through a fundraising website for the creative arts called Would you like to join my team and make this video a reality? Are you tired of watching the same DVD from Junko several years ago? Then please help! Donations of any amount is appreciated, but if you reach certain milestones, we've got some great "awards" for you, so check out
Thanks a million!

Live Concert Video Shoot 7/27! - July 15, 2012

It's high time for Junko's next DVD!

We will be doing a live concert video shoot on Friday, July 27, at 6pm at Calvary Chapel Pacific Coast in Westminster, CA.

Calvary Chapel Pacific Coast
6400 Westminster Blvd
Westminster, CA 92683
It's FREE! We want to pack the place with as many people in the audience as possible, so please plan on joining us. And come early so you can get a good seat! There will be hula dancers, teams joining me on the stage from various churches, 8-year old popper, live musicians, lights, camera, and action, so come be a part of this event!

Panda Mom Confessions Blog - January 17, 2012

Junko has started a new blog about being the antithesis of the Tiger Mom -- Panda Mom! Please check out and become a subscriber!

New CD "I Got It!" now available! - August 1, 2011

Get your own copy of Junko's latest CD, "I Got It!" via CD Baby for a physical CD:
Or download from iTunes:!/id444504253
We promise you'll love it!

New CD dropping soon! - April 29, 2011

Wow, it's been a long time since our last entry! Junko has been busy at work on her newest CD, "I Got It!" and it is almost ready. Street date: June 5, 2011! Check back again soon for sneak peeks at the work-in-progress and how you can order your very own copy. Be sure and sign up for her email list so you can be the first to notified when the CD drops!

Saddleback's Blocktober October 31! - September 28, 2010

This just in -- Junko and her band will be performing at Saddleback Church's Blocktober special event for Children's Ministries! More details coming soon, but if you are looking for a Halloween-alternative event on October 31, stop by Saddleback for some rockin' fun. Check out!

Have you heard Junko on Focus on the Family radio? - July 8, 2010

Check out Junko's first of four interviews for the month of July on if you missed it on the radio!

Focus on the Family Radio Interview to air in July! - June 12, 2010

Catch Junko's interview with Focus on the Family's Weekend Magazine program during the entire month of July! One of Junko's songs will be featured every weekend, and you will hear her interview with Dawn. Get to know Junko even better by listening in on this program which is also available online to listen anytime! Check out for more information and to find a radio station near you.

Japan Tour April 2010 - April 20, 2010

Junko had a successful time touring Japan in April while cherry blossoms were in full bloom. Besides doing 5 performances and one worship workshop, she was able to spend time with her entire family and meet up with old friends and relatives.
0406001528.jpg_resized 23668_1437359414535_1249477293_1285104_989760_n.jpg

Junko's Big & Small Radio Show - April 3, 2010

Junko now has her very own 30-minute weekly radio show on Saddleback's Purpose Driven Radio Connection! Launched on April 3, 2010, she can be heard anywhere in the world with access to the internet on Saturdays at 8:30am (California Time). Click on this link:
and you'll see a tab for "Junko's Big & Small Radio Show" on the right. Please note that currently it is streaming ONLY, not on demand, which means that you can only listen during the broadcasting times. Sometime in the near future, we will make the shows available on CD's to download or purchase so you can hear her shows whenever you like. Stay tuned!

Check out the new Radio page for more information on each show.

Follow Junko on Twitter! - January 29, 2010

Now Available: Sheet Music! - January 28, 2010

Many of you have been asking for it: Sheet music. Now, with a little help from Junko's friend and keyboardist extraordinaire Bobby Cruz, we are able to offer you a selection of sheet music and lead sheets of some of your favorite Junko songs. Please check out the "Store" page and download the .pdf files after you pay online through PayPal's secure site using your credit card. More titles are being added regularly, so check the site often to see if your favorite song is available for download.

Junko's NHK TV performances found! - October 8, 2009

You may not know that Junko was a featured vocalist for a popular TV program in Japan on NHK channel during the 80's. Unbeknownst to her, she actually had fans who video taped her performances on their television and recently uploaded them on YouTube, much to Junko's (and her parents') delight as she hadn't even seen many of her own performances. Here's one of the newly found videos of her performances. The rest are easily found on YouTube if you do a search on "Kenny & Junko." We hope you will get a kick out of watching Junko's performance from over 20 years ago (but please, don't laugh)!

Listen to Junko's new radio show! - October 8, 2009

Looking for a radio program that is fun for kids and parents alike?  Then tune in to Junko's Big & Small Radio Show, launching on Saturday, 10/10 at 10am on Saddleback's new online streaming radio station Purpose Driven Radio Connection!  Junko hosts a panel of kids to talk about everything from their favorite color to how Jesus can help them achieve their goals for the school year.  They also discuss Scripture verses and lead into songs. 

So tune in each Saturday at 10am for Junko's Big & Small Radio Show!

Focus on the Family radio interview with Junko! - June 30, 2009

Junko will be interviewed by the folks at Focus on the Family on their Weekend Magazine program! She will be heading out to Colorado Springs in late-July with the family to sing for the staff and be interviewed for a 45-minute radio show. In addition, she will be interviewed by the Adventures in Odyssey staff for their podcast. Stay tuned for broadcast dates and information on listening online!

Mother's Day solo at Saddleback - May 7, 2009

Junko will be a featured soloist at Saddleback church during Mother's Day weekend at all 6 services in the main worship center at the Lake Forest campus. She will be singing her original tune, "Christ Dwells in Your Heart," with the exceptional band and vocalists backing her. If you are nearby, please attend one of the 6 services!

Says Junko, "I am honored to sing one of my original tunes, 'Christ Dwells in Your Heart,' for Mother's Day weekend. I wrote this song when I was 9 months pregnant with Joshua, thinking about how life will change -- drastically, but for the better -- once the baby came. I'm sort of embarrassed to tell you this, but as I wrote the last verse about the child one day leaving the house, I started weeping. I mean, really bawling! Over my own songwriting! Mind you, the child hadn't even been born yet, and I was already weeping about my child going off to college. That's what hormones will do to you when you're totally pregnant, but I'm always amazed at all the tears I see in moms' eyes whenever I sing this song."

The service times are 4:30PM and 6:30PM on Saturday and 9AM, 11:15AM, 4:30PM, and 6:30PM on Sunday. Junko will be singing way at the top of the service -- within the first 10 minutes -- so be sure and allow plenty of time to get there. I will be at the main worship center at the Lake Forest campus. For more information, please check out

If you are not anywhere near Saddleback but still would like to catch Junko live via the internet, please go to at the service times mentioned above and watch it live. In a few days, the services will be archived and you can also watch it then.

Happy Mother's Day!

Los Angeles Times article featuring Junko - March 24, 2009

Here is a long-lost interview Junko had with Los Angeles Times a few years ago:
"I forgot about this interview until I came across it on the 'net. I loved that they kept my quote at the end, that God is my agent!"

Facebook Fans - February 10, 2009

Junko's on facebook! Come be her fan at if you are a facebook user!

A New Mac Girl in Town! - January 18, 2009

She's finally done it: Junko is now a Mac Girl! For her combined birthday/Christmas gift, she received from Santa the 13" Apple Macbook that she has been wanting for a while now, with a little help from -- and thanks -- to her friend Marty who was able to get her an employee discount. The real reason why she wanted it is for the wonderful music arrangement software Garage Band. With the purchase of a couple of cables, she hooked up her Korg keyboard which she already had at home and her Shure SM58 microphone, and voila--she now has a home studio! She is already working on a new song using many of the sounds that are included in the software, which makes arranging really easy (do we sound like an commercial?). In fact, some of the sounds were actually created by her friend and producer John who was hired by Apple to create many of the sounds you hear not only in Garage Band but also in their video-editing softrware iMovie.

It certainly is good to have friends in high places! Hey, if you have any Garage Band tips for Junko, please send them our way--thanks!

Happy New Year! - January 18, 2009

We want to wish all of you another blessed start of a new year. Thank you for your support of Junko's ministry over the years, and we hope you'll continue to support and pray for Junko and her family. We believe that 2009 will be the best ever!

Video producer/friend Steve Taylor wins big on Wheel of Fortune! - October 17, 2008

Steve Taylor, a friend of Junko's and the very talented producer of Junko's Big & Small DVD, was recently a contestant on Wheel of Fortune. His show was taped in early October to be televised on December 24, 2008 on ABC. Rumor has it he won big, so be sure and tune into ABC on Christmas Eve for a very Merry Wheel of Fortune!
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