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Junko: Press

I'm always encouraged to see people using their gifts to proclaim the gospel. I appreciate your sharing your musical abilities with our worship teams. You're a great model of Christian love and service. I'm glad you're part of our church family. Keep doing what God has created you to do!

God Bless,
Pastor Rick Warren
Pastor Rick Warren - Saddleback Church (Feb 11, 2009)

New! From Worship Leader Magazine...

"Enjoy You Forever"

From Junko's first kids' worship release, Big & Small, "Enjoy You Forever" is a ballad of praise for children exploring and striving to understand the magnitude of God's greatness. Not at all new to the worship scene, Junko's personality and energetic spirit is felt through her music. She is an inspiring example to worship leaders as to how to get kids excited about God. "Enjoy You Forever" has a message that will also work well for junior high-aged groups.

"How Deeps is the Love of Christ"

Junko adds another children's worship song to this collection with "How Deep is the Love of Christ." With its up-tempo beat and catchy melody, this Scripture-based song has the ability to challenge children and make them think about the important areas of their life. Junko's love for both music and children shine through on this song, and the passionate sound of the kids singing in the background makes it even more influential.

"Rest in You Alone"

Once again Junko contributes her gifts to this kids' worship set. Her energy on "Rest in You Alone" allows kids to feel a part of the story of the song. Worship leaders will love Junko's storytelling and her ways of teaching children about God through her music. Through the repetition of God's Word, "Rest in You Alone" will strengthen your children's Scripture learning and will be an easy way to teach them about God's compassion.
...Junko, best known as an outstanding writer of children's worship music, was one of the worship leaders at Irvine Presbyterian Church for a number of years. A person with ample musical talents, Junko didn't have to work on her basic skills to be an effective worship leader. Yet work on them she did, taking voice lessons, piano lessons, and so forth. Then, to expand her opportunities for leading, she also took drum and guitar lessons until she was quite strong in these areas as well. Junko challenged folks in her band to improve their skills, and she used some of her church budget money to pay for lessons for band members. I don't know if she cited Psalm 33:3 as a rationale for her emphasis on musical development, but she surely could have...

Hear what people are saying about Junko...

"It's fun to work with Junko, and she continues to write memorable songs while constantly attaining a higher level of musicianship on multiple instruments."
John Andrew Schreiner, Dove Award-winning producer
I just love Junko's songs 'Brave Believers' and 'Shine the Light' on Kids' Discovery CD!
David Reetz, Worship Leader, Glad Tidings Assembly of God, WY
Dear Friends,

I'm thrilled about Junko's kids' album, Big & Small. It's filled with songs that are perfect for children, but also touch the hearts of all of God's children, both big and small!

Junko's music is upbeat, singable, fun, and moving. Though written in words that resonate with children, the lyrics express profound and rock solid biblical truths. My own children love to sing Junko's songs. As they do, they're growing into a deeper understanding of God and his marvelous grace.

I have been Junko's pastor for over fifteen years. During the last three, she has been the worship leader for our Saturday evening contemporary service. Therefore I can vouch for Junko's integrity as a mature Christian woman and for her ability to work well with a variety of people. Junko is not a prima donna who's difficult to work with, but an artist and worship leader who is a cooperative team player.

So I enthusiastically recommend both Junko and her exciting new album!

In Christ,

Rev. Dr. Mark D. Roberts
Senior Pastor, Irvine Presbyterian Church
Rev. Dr. Mark D. Roberts - Irvine Presbyterian Church

Read excerpt from TCW magazine

Singer Junko Cheng's Secret to Being Content
from Today's Christian Woman magazine

One peek inside Christian singer/songwriter Junko Nishiguchi Cheng's California town house reveals a simple decor, with numerous palms and a few bright Japanese artifacts adorning the walls. Pointing to her sparsely stocked refrigerator, this busy thirty-five-year-old offers me a soda and jokes, "I used to cook at my family's restaurant...Now the only thing I have time to make is reservations!"

After self-producing two albums, No Secrets (1992) and Live in Harmony (1994) (JuneCo Music), and winning the 1993 award for Gospel Music Association's New Artist Showcase for her song about leaving Japan, "Land of the Rising Sun," Junko's schedule has filled with travel and concerts.

"It isn't a matter whether my house is immaculate, or the food is gourmet," she says, laughing, "as long as people feel loved, accepted, and at home - something I longed for all my life".

TCW: How did your family cope with you becoming a Christian?
J: No one in my family liked it - and no wonder. As a young believer, I tried to slam Christ down their throats. I told them they had to do certain things in order for God to love them.
I wish I knew then what I know now - that the key is listening to others, praying for them...loving them with God's love. Tears flow as I say that even if they think no one in the world loves them, Jesus Christ does.

TCW: When did you get serious about your music?
J: I always liked to perform...At first, I sang just to sing...But as my relationship with God grew, so did my desire to sing for him. Sometimes it's hard to to accept ourselves as we are, even when we burn dinner or forget an appointment. But when we focus on God and let him show us what he wants us to do, rather than letting others set our life agenda, we are free to experience God's joy.

TCW: Why do you think Christians so often lose sight of that joy?
J: One of the songs I co-wrote, "Holding onto Yesterday," says, "You wasted too much time worrying about what might have been, holding on to yesterday again." And many years that was my life. What a guilt-ridden road! God doesn't wait for us to "arrive" before he can use us. He sees us not only as we are now, but as we will be.

TCW: What do you tell young people who struggle now as you did?
J: Although hard work gives glory to God, it doesn't earn us salvation. That comes freely from God, who loves us already just as we are.
Ramona Tucker - Today's Christian Woman magazine